Airigami Balloon Sculptures, The Fine Art of Folding Air

Well-versed in the “fine art of folding air,” Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle of Airigami go far beyond simple birthday party balloon animals and create elaborate balloon sculptures and installations. Their illustrated children’s book, Artist Eyes, aimed to teach children art appreciation through “a lighthearted tour” of balloon sculptures from the works of the great masters.

Now, after a recent successful Kickstarter campaign, Airigami is producing their second book, Once Upon a Time, that will focus on re-creating well-known fairy tales in balloons.

Balloons offer an interesting medium in which to reconstruct dreams and fantasies. Much like the afternoon daydreams from years ago, the sculpted creations quickly fade away. We find new and interesting ways of preserving and replaying those memories by recreating the fairy tales we heard as children.

Moss and Cheadle operate an Etsy shop that sells first-edition fine art prints, notecards, and t-shirts of their balloon art.

photos by Airigami

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff