A Supercut of All the Close-Up Shots From the Classic Action Film ‘Die Hard’

Die Hard: Up Close” is a supercut created by London-based film enthusiast Roman Holiday that features all the close-up shots from the classic 1988 action film Die Hard. We previously wrote about Holiday’s “Up Close” supercuts for Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park, Brick, and other films.

In this newest installment of “Up Close”, we’re holding the figurative magnifying glass to one of the best action movies ever and a perennial Christmas classic: Die Hard (1988).

I had the opportunity to see this film on the big screen a few years ago and you can be sure that I made the time to see it. The only knock I have against it is that it was a contributing factor to the lackluster final season and subsequent cancellation of Moonlighting, a TV show I became very fond of after finally watching it last year. That’s neither here nor there however.

music by Michael Kamen – “Assault on the Tower