A Stunning Animation That Shows How Technology Was Inspired by Shapes Found in Nature

Filmmaking collective Chromosphere along with sound designer David Kamp have created “FORMS IN NATURE: Understanding Our Universe“, a really beautifully animated short film that demonstrates how modern technology was influenced and inspired by the vast array of shapes and dimensions found in nature. Kevin Dart of Chromosphere explained the thought behind the film.

We wanted to make something that would evoke those same kind of feelings when you watched it — a sense of awe and inspiration at the beauty of our world as well as mankind’s incredible scientific achievements. There was also an idea I was thinking about for a long time about how science and nature can’t really be separated from each other: science is all based on observations of things in nature. So if you just look at the world around you, you can see the science in action everywhere.

via DesignTaxi

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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