A Star Wars Wicket Backpack for Carrying Around Your Favorite Little Ewok Buddy

ThinkGeek is featuring an officially licensed Star Wars Wicket Backpack Buddy, a fuzzy backpack for storing your goods and carrying around your favorite little Ewok friend.

All we had to do was give it a cracker and shoot a few Imperial Stormtroopers. It turns out that Wicket can sniff out soldiers, make accurate bird calls, blow a trumpet, distract enemies, and poke sleeping people with a sharp stick. Once Wicket discovered that we are neither gods nor dinner, he agreed to crawl on our backs and carry our stuff. We want to keep him.

The Wicket Backpack Buddy is a soft, cuddly alternative to traditional, boring backpacks. As a combination snuggly companion and holder-of-things, Wicket is sure to get you lots of compliments and make the chore of hauling stuff around a bit more fun.

via Technabob

Justin Page
Justin Page

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