A Series of ‘The Lord of the Rings’-Themed New York City Subway Service Notices

Mount Doom
Mount Doom (18th street station, uptown 1 train)

Transit artist Puck Works has been placing a series of The Lord of the Rings-themed service notices at various points in New York City’s subway system. More examples are available on Puck Works’ website.

Narsil (Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center station; B & D trains)

The High Fells
The High Fells (Fulton street station; Downtown 2 & 3 trains)

Secret Door
Secret Door (23rd street station, uptown 6 train)

Career Day
GPD’s 2014 Community Career Day (14th Street station; Brooklyn bound 1, 2 & 3 trains)

photos via Puck Works

via Lev Grossman, Kotaku Screenburn