A Series of Aromatic Candles With Unusual Scents Like Car Exhaust, Chlorine, Fish, and Urine

Stinky Candle Exhaust
Exhaust-ed Candle

Illinois-based Stinky Candle Company produces a series of candles with unusual scents like car exhaust and urine. They also produce candles with more common scents, like fresh linens, but the idea behind the candles is to create a thorough aromatic profile of everyday olfactory experiences — this includes all the potentially bad smells. All candles are available via Stinky Candle Company’s website.

Stinky Candle Fish
Fish Candle

Stinky Candle Urine
Rest Stop Candle (Urine)

Stinky Candle Chlorine
Chlorine Candle

images via Stinky Candle Company

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