A Proposed Japanese Theme Park Combines Spas and Rides to Create a ‘Spamusement Park’

Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano of Beppu, Japan has promised to build a spa-themed amusement (or “spamusement park”) after a promotional video showing such a park in action quickly beat his goal of one million views. The park’s theme comes from the city’s natural hot springs and its reputation as a spa destination.

The park in the video features rides and rollercoasters where passengers sit in tubs of water, and guests are seen walking around the park in towels, but the specifics of the final realized park are still being developed.

The concept of this video is an “amusement onsen city,” bringing together the natural hot springs and an amusement park to form this “spamusement park.” What makes the concept so special is this: if this YouTube video reaches one million views, a plan to develop an onsen amusement park will be carried out, making this viewer-count & public video linkage the first of its kind in the world.

via RocketNews24

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