A Pair of Adorably Useful Earplugs Shaped Like Each End of a Tiny Dachshund

Mimi Pet

Designer Mao Yamamoto has created a clever set of earplugs in which one plug is shaped like the front end of a dachshund and the other is shaped like the back end. When put to use, the pair gives the funny illusion that a little doxie dog has marched right through a person’s brain. The earplugs are washable, come in multiple colors with their own carrying case and are available for purchase through Koncent and through Japan Trend Shop.

Noisy neighbors? No need to suffer anymore. Just put in the Mimi Pet Earplugs! These “ear pets” are mini dogs that come in two halves: one for each ear! Brilliantly designed by Mao Yamamoto, the Mimi Pet Earplugs are the latest funky item from the Japanese home accessories brand +d.

Winter Cover

Blue Tan Red White Yellow

Separated Squeezable

Bag Water

images via Kocent