A Novel Set of Color Changing Silicone Lid Lifters Made To Look Like A Crab or Octopus Is Escaping From the Pot

Tentacle and Claw

ESCAPE!, a set of color changing silicone lid lifters made in the shape of a crab claw and an octopus tentacle that’s trying to escape the pot and is a novel way to prevent boil-overs when cooking. The lid is available for purchase at Fred & Friends or via Amazon

Slip Fred’s color-changing silicone octopus tentacle or crab claw on top of your stock pot and you’ll never have dreaded boil-over again. They’ll hold up your lid just so and evoke an exciting scenario of “escape from the briny deep!” ESCAPE! lid lifters are molded from heat-sensitive, color-changing silicone. We’ve packed one octopus and one crab in each box.

Crab Pot


images via Fred & Friends