A Look Inside the Secret Virtual Reality Lab at Industrial Light & Magic That Is Working on the New ‘Star Wars’ Films

Bryan Bishop of The Verge takes a look inside of ILMxLab, the VR and augmented reality think-tank at Industrial Light & Magic that is currently working on the new Star Wars films.

The lab is a developmental playground for any and all kind of interactive or immersive experience. Virtual reality, AR, theme park attractions; it’s all up for grabs, uniting decades of visual effects expertise, computer wizardry, and Lucasfilm’s own creative team into a self-contained entertainment studio of the future.

The goal isn’t to just create what people will be trying out on their Oculus Rift next year. It’s to come up with the interconnected virtual experiences we’ll be having 10 years from now. And you’d better believe they’re starting with Star Wars.