A Killer Spam Tale: Farm Sluts (2003)

This is part of an occasional series I’ll be doing of internet-related comedy, highlighting some great perhaps under-appreciated comedy that originated on or deals with the internet tubes.

Before Chris Parnell hit everyone’s computer screens with Lazy Sunday he starred in this short 17 minute film about a man whose life is undone by one prurient spam email. The film was made by a young filmmaker as part of Fox Searchlight’s Searchlab project. As far as I know this was only shown on the internet–but I can’t claim to know that for certain.

The cast has a lot of familiar faces including Bania from Seinfeld and Elizabeth Keener from The L Word.

There are many more Searchlab Shorts, though I have yet to find one this good.

Farm Sluts was written and directed by Canadian Collin Friesen. It’s a brilliant bit of comedy, but so far is the only drop of genius in Friesen’s bucket. Since then he has only one major film to his credit: The Big White which he wrote and which was a flop.

And, finally, on the thin excuse that Prince Caspian is out now, here’s Lazy Sunday again, cuz really there are few better ways to blow 2.5 minutes….