A Hilarious Robot that Automatically Doles Out a Head Pats and Treats to Both Dogs and Humans

While he was petting his dog T-Bone one day, engineer James Cochrane came upon the hilarious idea of the “World’s First OT Robot People/Pet Affectionator“, a two-way Arduino Nano robot that automatically doles out reciprocal affection and food to both dog and human at the touch of a button.

These days people are more connected than ever however we are experiencing less and less physical interaction with each other. One day while giving my dog T-Bone a scratch behind the ears I came up with this silly idea. A robot which can give your dog a pat on the head and than reward him with a tasty treat and best of all the dog can also reciprocate the same attention. It is called the “IOT Robot People/Pet Affectionator”. While this demo is not utilizing IOT it would be very easy to construct two of these and network them across the internet. In this project I am utilizing an Arduino Nano, two H-Bridge motor drivers, two geared Pittman motors and two geared hobby motors.