A Heroic Man Drives For Miles to Deliver Much Needed Water to Wild Animals in a Kenyan Park

When an incredibly compassionate man named Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua noticed that the animals of Tsavo West National Park were completely without water due to extreme drought conditions in Kenya, he began making long daily trips in a large water delivery truck to replenish empty waterholes. The park is home to many wild animals with whom Mwalua has formed a special bond. The animals do not threaten Mwalua as they seem to understand what a heroic, selfless thing he is doing for them. While he has vowed never to let the animals go thirsty, Mwalua is unemployed and suffers from kidney failure. Mwalua’s friend Cher Calloway is raising money through GoFundMe to help pay for the water, gasoline, and tireless work involved to ensure the animals survive.

It is now very dry in Tsavo and water has become a very precious commodity because there is a shortage of water due to lack of rain. We are not expecting any rain until November and this has got us all very worried of loosing many animals from antelopes to elephants if nothing is done very urgently. …We will be renting water trucks to deliver 12,000 liters of water at least 4 trips a week. The distance is 45 Kilometers to where water would normally be to save these animals and we will distribute it to 2 different locations to ease the congestion. Remember it is not only elephants we will be saving. Each tank will cost $250USD. Every donation no matter the size is greatly appreciated and thank you for your support.