A GIF Showing How The New York Times Homepage Changed With the Orlando Shooting Breaking News

NYT Breaking News

The New York Times created a GIF showing how their homepage changed with breaking news from the Orlando shooting. As details of the tragedy were discovered, the story grew larger and more prominent.

“As you can see from the GIF, it went in stages as our reporters on the ground began to understand the immensity of the tragedy,” Ian Fisher, The Times’s weekend editor, said. “The day was directed by Julie Bloom, the weekend deputy who was one of the few people in the newsroom as the story was first breaking. As the initial, sketchy details came in, she published it as a small story in the middle column. Then it became the main story on the site. Then we went to what we call a ‘banner’ headline, which goes above the picture and is usually the largest headline.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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