A Game of Thrones Hodor Doorstop That Will Stop at Nothing to Hold the Door

Hodor Door Stop

Tony Wang of San Diego, California has created the “Hodoor,” a functional 6″ Game of Thrones themed Hodor doorstop that is a tribute to the loyal, strong, and simple-minded hero played by Kristian Nairn. Tony is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with production costs.

My friends and I are huge GoT nerds. We know more about Westeros history than… actual history. We all agreed Hodor should be the one to sit on the Iron Throne until we watched the ending of season 6 episode 5. We’ve already hired multiple designers (with over 20 years of combined experience) to bring this idea to life. The final version will be a, 6″ tall “Hodoor” doorstop guaranteed to impress even the nerdiest GoT Fan.

Hodor Doorstop

Justin Page
Justin Page

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