A Deep Dive Into How South Park Deals With Religion

Wisecrack took a deep dive into how South Park deals with the subject of religion. The video explores how the show uses irreverence to break down the distinction between the sacred and the profane to shed light on what people consider important.

In preparation for Season 20 (!!!) of SOUTH PARK, we created this special Wisecrack Edition exploring the show’s philosophy of RELIGION over the past 19 years. Whether it be Jesus or Satan, Frosty the Snowman or God himself, Trey Parker and Matt Stone (who also created The Book of Mormon) aren’t afraid of addressing religion head-on – even if it isn’t exactly clear where the show stands on the issue. South Park forces us to take a hard look at what religion really means to us, and in the process, the show raises some important questions that other series wouldn’t have the nerve to ask.

In the past, Wisecrack has also looked at the overall philosophy of South Park and the hidden meaning behind the show.