A Day in the Happy Life of a Rescued German Shepherd With Short Spine Syndrome

Quasimodo aka Quasi the Great is a beautiful German Shepherd who, like the similarly named winner of the 2015 World’s Ugliest Dog contest, has a condition known as Short Spine Syndrome. Because of this condition, Quasi’s entire body is compressed, but he’s a happy rescue dog who enjoys daily life at his foster home with a volunteer at Second Hand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

A HUNCHBACK dog who found internet fame after being rescued from the street has found a loving new home. Four-year-old Quasimodo is believed to be one of just 15 dogs worldwide living with short-spine syndrome. The rare condition has left him with virtually no neck but his new family say he is enjoying a new lease of life at his home in Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

One of my friends sent me a monogrammed dog bed! I am enjoying it tonight!! Thank you ❤️

Posted by Quasi The Great on Monday, February 15, 2016

Thanks Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals for sending me this elevated food tray! I LOVE IT. Foster mom says she still might hand feed me occasionally, since I'm so gentle!

Posted by Quasi The Great on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Some of my friends are interested in what my personality is like! I am so silly. I love playing tug with everyone. I…

Posted by Quasi The Great on Friday, February 19, 2016