A Comical Tour of Melbourne and Its Most Livable Qualities

Melbourne: A Guide to Living” by Sam Gould is a comical tour of Melbourne and its most livable qualities. The humorous guide is a sequel to Gould’s 2012 film “London: A Guide for the Naive” and uses a similar style made up of dry presentation and strange made up facts.

Did you know that dinosaurs existed in Australia right up until 1905 when they finally hunted to extinction for their skeletons? Or that Melbourne was named after cultural icon Mel Gibson?

One of the oldest cities on earth. A place famous for its coffee, culture and climate. Four seasons in a day, that’s what the locals will tell you. And the most liveable city in the world… whatever that means.

The sequel to London: A Guide for the Naive takes you around Australia’s capital of culture, explaining its history, people, and idiosyncrasies.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips