A Colorful Art Print by Pop Chart Lab Linking Connections Between Music Artists and Bands

The Charted Connections of Rock!

Pop Chart Lab has created “The Charted Connections of Rock!,” a new colorful art print that “featuring the complex concatenations between over 700 artists and 500 bands throughout music history.” Signed and numbered prints are available to purchase online.

Whether those collaborations turned out to be melodious milestones (Hall and Oates, Page and Plant) or euphonic footnotes (Rod Stewart and Kinks frontman Ray Davies), this diatonic diagram diligently denotes degrees of separation across genres and generations of musicians–all at a staggering 39″ x 39″, an LP-sleeve-shaped musical mammoth of a chart.

The Charted Connections of Rock!

images via Pop Chart Lab

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips