A Brave Little Puppy Reunites With the Firefighters Who Saved Her From a Burning Home

In October 2016, firefighters in Asheville, North Carolina responded to an early morning house fire. While they were putting out the fire, they found a tiny 4-month old puppy named Hex underneath a pile of clothes. The puppy had sustained injuries to her eyes, ears, skin and lungs due to smoke inhalation. Luckily, the emergency workers were able to give the puppy oxygen and transport her over to Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital of Asheville (R.E.A.C.H.), where they were able to take care of little Hex. In an interview with WLOS 13, firefighter Zac Bass explained how they found Hex.

She had kind of nuzzled herself underneath a pile of clothes and I could just barely see a little bit of movement for her belly. I put her on oxygen. She was completely lifeless and felt like a rag-doll at that point.

On January 11, 2017, the Animal Hospital of North Asheville threw a birthday party for Hex. The puppy was dressed in an adorable red dress to greet the people who rescued her. While it’s been a long, uphill battle for this puppy, it appears that she’s emerged happy, healthy and in a new home.

via Huffington Post