A Blind Man and an Armless Man Have Helped Each Other Plant a Forest of 10,000 Trees

“I am his hands. He is my eyes.”

Great Big Story tells about the remarkable friendship between two men from a small Chinese village who rely on each other in so many ways. One man is blind while (Jia Haixia) the other (Jia Wenqi) lost his arms when he was a child. In spite of their physical limitations, however, the friends have planted a forest of 10,000 trees just by working toether.

In the village of Yeli, China, two men have formed an unlikely team to improve their community. Sixteen years ago, Jia Haixia lost his eyesight. His best friend, Jia Wenqi, lost his arms as a child. Together, the two have planted 10,000 trees around their village and have become an inseparable duo.