A 2,800 Horsepower Semi Truck Driver Does Wild Stunts and Drifts During a Gymkhana Race in “Size Matters 2”

Size Matters 2” is a video that captures an intense Gymkhana-style race on the docks of Long Beach harbor in California starring Mike Ryan,a stunt driver and operator of his 2,800 horsepower Banks Super-Turbo Freightliner semi truck. The video shows Mike doing all sorts of wild stunts and drifts as he “goes toe-to-toe with newcomer Daniel Leavitt.” This is an exciting sequel to Mike’s original stunt-filled video “Size Matters.” We previously wrote about a similar Gymkhana course video by Becx-TDS Racing that featured a 1,100 horsepower semi truck.

Some of Hollywood’s top stunt drivers and coordinators came together to produce this top-notch action thriller, using the newest Mercedes ML63 modified camera car with EDGE arm.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at “Size Matters 2”:

via Autoblog

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