23 New York City Low Brass Musicians Perform a Powerful Cover of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song

23 extremely talented New York City low brass musicians recently teamed up and performed a powerful cover of the Game of Thrones theme song. The song, which was recorded by BoveAudio, is available to purchase from the CD Baby Music Store.

Two weeks ago, with the current Game of Thrones season coming to a close and the deadline approaching to release this track, they realized there was actually a 90 min time slot on a random Tuesday afternoon when 6 contrabass trombone players were all going to be free at once. It was time to do it. Once you get six Contra players in one place, you either run away fast — or join in. Seventeen other top orchestral and commercial NYC low brass players joined them, bringing the ensemble to 23 players (11 Bass Trombones, 6 Contrabass Trombones, 6 Tenor Trombones, 6 Tubas, and 3 Cimbassos), and this is the result.

via io9

Justin Page
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