’20 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work At BuzzFeed’, A Clever Animation Poking Fun at BuzzFeed’s Obsession With Lists

Fusion has created “20 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work At BuzzFeed,” a clever animation poking fun at BuzzFeed‘s distinctive obsession for making lists and what happens to those who dare to disagree with the tried and true formula.

Bold: I have an idea…no more lists.
Boss: You’re fired
Bold: Fine I don’t wanna work in this stupid fart Factory anyway. I want to dream. I wanna live. I want to be the best me that I can be not some mindless reactionary glued to a computer all day. I have a soul and it is not your and it never will be. good day sir.
Boss: Wait…you just listed more of the top 18 ways to quit your job that I have ever seen. Back to work, we got a big list to get through today.

images via Fusion