An Amusing 1983 ABC News Report Loudly Lamenting the Sad Condition of Street Signs in New York City

In 1983, WABC Eyewitness News anchor John Johnson and reporter Milton Lewis presented a story (in very New York accents) about the sad condition of street and traffic signs around New York City. Lewis interviewed a number of people on the street, including a doorman who was hilariously had no problem pointing the finger at the traffic cop who was parked there.

It’s 1983: Ed Koch is mayor, everybody’s favorite movie is “Return of the Jedi,” and New York City’s going through a street sign crisis. Think it’s hard to get around the city now? In the 1980s, street signs were an absolute mess. Missing signs, wrong signs, paper signs, blacked-out signs — you name it. Some even blamed cops for defacing signs!