1965 Film About Mr. Potter’s Museum of Curiosities

Take a whimsical vintage look into Mr. Potter’s Museum of Curiosities, a (now closed and dismantled) English taxidermy museum, in this circa 1965 film made by British Pathe. Revel in the magic of anthropomorphic taxidermied animals that eccentric curator Walter Potter dressed up and staged in various scenes.

Various taxidermy scenes are shown including the kittens’ wedding, the squirrels’ club, kittens’ tea party, bunnies’ school room, all accurate down to the tiniest details. We also see Potter’s famous “Who Killed Cock Robin” tableau which took seven years to complete. Children admire the tableaux and a young woman sketches.

Narrator states: “Walter Potter … was a genius who made fur-lined dolls into whimsical but veritable works of poetic art.” Wonderful or disgusting depending on your viewpoint…

via Morbid Anatomy

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff