17th Century Style Ceramic Road Signs and Stereoscopic Vases

Ceramic Road Signs and Stereoscopic vases

Italian designer Guido Garotti has designed a pair of thoroughly modern products inspired by traditional 17th century “Antico Savona” ceramics. “Deviazione” are hand painted ceramic road signs that the designer readily admits would be a bit too delicate for street use. “3Dzionale” are vases with hand painted stereoscopic double images (unfortunately the images are not precise enough to work with 3D glasses).

The decorative code named “Antico Savona” identifies a particular style that was born and evolved between Savona and Albissola (Liguria, Italy) around the middle of the XVII century. Very popular in the white/blue version, the style developed a white/red variant and a fully coloured option can also be found. Traditional objects decorated with the Antico Savona style were once highly looked after, however as fashion evolves, these artworks today seem to have lost much of their appeal. The two projects “Deviazione” and “3Dzionale”, aim to utilize this local traditional expertise to obtain a contemporary result.

Ceramic Road Signs and Stereoscopic vases

photos by Gianluca Anselmo

via Dezeen