10th Anniversary Celebration of iSkip.com

Skipper Kim

photo by unknown

10 years ago my friend Skipper Kim started global skipping movement which she has been documenting and organizing through iSkip.com. To celebrate their anniversary she is organizing a mass group skipping event this Sunday, July 12th in San Francisco’s Union Square starting at 1pm.

On Sunday July 12th, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of iSkip.com, our unusual action of choice will be skipping.

Wanna play? Plan on arriving at Union Square by 1 pm PST at the latest. Enjoy the scenery. Read a book. Hang out. Chill. At exactly 1:11, we will begin skipping around the 90 foot Goddess of Victory statue that is in the middle of the square. That is your cue to get your skip on! Start skipping and invite standers by to join you. Dos Si Do one of your fellow operatives. Create a skipping circle. Hoot and holler! Spread the joy! Cause a JOYFUL skipping ruckus.

We’ll collectively improvise from there. Skip for as long or as short as you feel inspired to skip. Whenever you feel ready to disperse, skip or walk your way to the Irish Bank at 10 Mark Ln (which is an alley off Bush Street between Grant & Kearny) where we’ll gather to celebrate iSkip.com’s 10th anniversary!