10 Years of Automattic and WordPress.com

WordPress.com and parent company Automattic are celebrating their 10th birthday this year, they were both founded by Matt Mullenweg in 2005. Matt was behind the launch of the WordPress open source project in 2003 and the “matt” in Automattic is a tribute to his name.

Here’s Matt’s post about “Ten Years of Automattic”.

Some find it strange that someone in this day and age would have the same job for a decade. The truth is, it’s not the same job: it’s always evolving. At times it’s been comfortable, at times it’s been extraordinarily challenging. I’ve needed to change how I work. Automattic has changed. The structure of the company is designed to accommodate growth, and we’re constantly experimenting with how we work and relate to one another.

Laughing Squid has had a long history with WordPress, we officially launched as a WordPress blog on January 1, 2005 and have used many of Automattic’s services over the years.

Congratulations to Matt and all the Automatticians on an amazing first decade!