The Polka Dots: Learn To Polka!, A Book Project for Kids by Attaboy

The Polka Dots: Learn To Polka! is a cute new book project by artist and toy designer Attaboy, author of You Might Be a Monster (& Other Stories I Made Up). The book is 90% done and Attaboy has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help defray printing and shipping costs.

IT’s ABOUT: a little green Polka Dot who learns how to do the Polka, with the help of his friends! THE POLKA DOTS: LEARN TO POLKA! is a full color 26 page board (thick and friendly) book and it’s fittingly SHAPED LIKE A POLKA DOT! People will love the optimistic-ly off beat happy story about how it can be difficult to do new things. People (who happen to be children) who are 2-4 years old, will especially love the story’s bright contrasting colors and interactivity, as they, too, learn how to do a silly dance which we will call The Polka!

images via Attaboy

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