Space Alphabet, An Art Print Full of Intergalactic Goodness From A to Z

Space Alphabet

Artists Ross Moody of 55 Hi’s, Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods and Jordan Wittlich teamed up to create “Space Alphabet,” an art print full of “intergalactic goodness like planets, quasars and black holes to represent each letter.” Each alphabetical item also comes with interesting facts and trivia. A limited edition of 500 screen prints are available to purchase online from the 55 Hi’s shop.

Asteroids, Black Holes, Comets! What better way to brush up on your ABCs than to do it in space? Venture out into the galaxy with this jam-packed poster of 26 space wonders, each illustrated and accompanied by fun facts and trivia. Like did you know The International Space Station travels at a speed of 5 miles a second? That means you’d be 100 miles away just in the time it took to read this paragraph!

Space Alphabet

Space Alphabet

images via Brave the Woods

via Visual Graphc, A Slow Crafter

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