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Entertaining Bar Graph Comparing the Awesome Qualities of Cats Versus the Awesome Qualities of Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs

This entertaining bar graph created by Doghouse Diaries compares the awesome qualities of cats (tail, agility and hygiene) versus those of dogs (disposition, speed and protectiveness), although actual results may vary. When it comes down to it, however, comparing cats to dogs is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both different and wonderful; neither one better nor worse than the other.

Vsauce3 Shares Six Awesome Facts About the Xbox One Video Game Console in Stop Motion

In his new stop motion video, Jake Roper (aka “Vsauce3“) shares six awesome facts about the Xbox One video game console while disassembling it. We previously wrote about his breakdown of the original Playstation and Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Kinect has twice as much RAM as the original Xbox. The cameras can detect your pulse by reading color changes in your face.

music by Jake Chudnow

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Everything Is Awesome, A Catchy Song From ‘The LEGO Movie’ by Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island

Everything Is Awesome” is a catchy new hit song from The LEGO Movie created by the indie rock duo Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island comedy group. The LEGO Movie soundtrack is currently available to purchase online from iTunes and Amazon.

Official Lyric Video by The Key of Awesome

In “Official Lyric Video,” the latest episode of The Key of Awesome, members of Barely Political sing about their kinetic typography music video, which isn’t the official music video.

video via Barely Political

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Kid President Gives Advice on How to Be an Awesome Person

It’s not about what you do, but who you are. And you? You’re awesome!

Kid President gives some advice on how to be an awesome person in his letter to newborn people on their first day in the world.

video via SoulPancake

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Man Builds Awesome Colored Ice Block Fort in the Backyard of His Home in Northern Canada

Man Builds Ice Block Fort in His Backyard

Redditor UnspeakableFilth spent much of December building an elaborate fort out of ice blocks in the backyard of his home in Northwestern Ontario. Persistent subzero temperatures allowed him to amass a huge stockpile of frozen blocks of colored water, which he then assembled into a walled fort using slush as a mortar. Once the fort was completed, he invited his friends over for an ice fort party.

Man Builds Ice Block Fort in His Backyard

Man Builds Ice Block Fort in His Backyard


photos via UnspeakableFilth

via My Modern Metropolis, reddit

Super Awesome Postcard Book by Archie McPhee

Super Awesome Postcard Book

Archie McPhee recently released their Super Awesome Postcard Book that comes packed full with “30 beautifully printed postcards.” It is available to purchase online.

We live in a town called Awesome. Maybe you live there too. It’s a nice place to live; you’re surrounded by amazing things and live in a constant state of wonder about the world. This book contains 30 of the most awesome postcards ever produced. In fact, we dare to call them SUPER AWESOME! When you want to send a postcard from Awesome to someone who lives in the drab and dreary world outside, these are the perfect souvenir. Picturing everything from boxing kangaroos to daredevils to spontaneous combustion, they are guaranteed to get attention (or confusion if your friends are lame) when you send them.

Super Awesome Postcard Book

Super Awesome Postcard Book Super Awesome Postcard Book

Super Awesome Postcard Book

images and video via Archie McPhee

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips