Rolly Brush, A Rubbery Chewable Toothbrush With Spiked Mini Bristles

Rolly Brush

The Rolly Brush is a chewable, portable mint-flavored toothbrush that has 276 spiked mini bristles and contains flouride and xylitol. According to Rolly Brush’s online retailer, Modern Gent, it does not require the use of “water, toothpaste, mirror or bathroom” and is “convenient, effective and discreet.”

Xylitol fights the plaque, reduces the risk of cavities and inhibits the presence of Steptococcus mutants.

Fluoride strengthens the teeth, reducing the demineralisation of enamel.

The action of chewing Rolly Brush cleans your teeth as you manoeuvre it round your mouth and mint flavour is released to freshen your breath.

Rolly Brush

Rolly Brush

via bookofjoe and Gizmodo

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