Moment, An App That Automatically Tracks How Much You Use Your Phone

Moment App

Moment is an app by Kevin Holesh that automatically tracks how much you use your phone. It also tracks where the phone is located to build a map of where and for how long it was used. Users can set daily limits that will cause their phone to alert them when they’ve gone over their predetermined allotment. Holesh created the app after finding himself spending way too much time on his phone. Moment is currently available on iOS.

Moment App

I built Moment to help nudge me in the right direction by automatically tracking my daily iPhone use and giving me a warning when I’m on it for too long. When I first started using Moment, I was spending 75 minutes on my phone every single day. I currently have my daily limit set to 40 minutes, so after 40 minutes on my iPhone for the day, I get an annoying buzzer telling me to look away from the glowing box in my hands. That’s a good amount of time for me right now.

images via Moment

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