Make Your Franklin, Creative Remixes of the 100 Dollar Bill

Make Your Franklin

by Cedric Bariou

Make Your Franklin

by La Moustacherie

Make Your Franklin

by Alix Caso

Make Your Franklin

by Sylvain Weiss

Make Your Franklin

by Bouton Bleue

Make Your Franklin

by Fabio Maiorana

Make Your Franklin is a community art project that invites artists to remix the 100 US Dollar bill. The submissions range from humorous caricatures to thoughtful redesigns. Make Your Franklin is the product of French graphistes and webdeveloppeurs Vincent Desdoigts, Martin Joubert, and Etienne Lecorre.

Make your Franklin is a community art project.
Make your Franklin is international, bearer of a cultural reflexion.
With this mind, Make your Franklin suggest each of you to re-create a symbol of modern society : the 100$ banknote.

via My Modern Metropolis

Written by EDW Lynch

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