Internet Archive Launches Searchable Collection of 3 Years of TV News

TV News Search and Borrow

TV News Search & Borrow is a new collection at the Internet Archive of 355,000 television news programs stretching back to 2009. The programs are from national networks as well as local news stations in San Francisco and Washington D.C. The Internet Archive has indexed the close captioning transcripts for each program, which means the collection is searchable by keyword. A search brings up relevant news clips—researchers can borrow a DVD of any program in the collection. Every 24 hours the collection is updated with new programs, and older programs are also being added. In a recent New York Times article, Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle said that he intends for the collection to eventually include every news program since the beginning of television.

TV News Search and Borrow

via Internet Archive Blogs

images via Internet Archive

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