I Have Your Heart, A Beautiful Stop-Motion Animated Film by Crabapple, Boekbinder & Batt


“I Have Your Heart” is a collaborative stop-motion animated film project by Molly Crabapple (art), Kim Boekbinder (music) and Jim Batt (animation). The film takes Crabapple’s drawings and turns them into movable puppets made of paper, all set to Boekbinder’s accordion-filled song, “The Organ Donor’s March.”. It was funded by a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Over at Boing Boing, there is a Q & A with the film’s creators.

In 2010 Molly Crabapple & Kim Boekbinder schemed a scheme to make an animation with Crabapple’s amazing art and Boekbinder’s delicious music. They found Batt, or Batt found them, and a collaboration of beauty, joy, and unbounded creativity was born.


paper house

Behind the scenes

images via “I Have Your Heart”

Written by Rusty Blazenhoff

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