Historical Photos of Vietnam Superimposed Over Present Day Scenes

Vietnam - Looking into the Past

Vietnamese photographer Khánh Hmoong superimposed historical photos of Vietnam over the same scenes in the present day in his series “Vietnam – Looking into the Past.” The historical photos stretch back to the 1920s and many were taken during the Vietnam War era.

Xe t?ng c?a Cách M?ng ?i tung c?a Dinh Th?ng Nh?t, Sài Gòn ngày 30/4/1975

Nh?c công Hu? nh?ng n?m '20

Quân Gi?i phóng ti?n vào Thành n?i, Hu? n?m 1968

Ngã t? cây x?ng Esso (HCM) nh?ng n?m 60'

???ng ??ng Kh?i, Sài Gòn nh?ng n?m 50-60

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