Exploring the Tenderloin National Forest

guest post by Dave Schumaker

Tenderloin National Forest

Tenderloin National Forest

Tenderloin National Forest

The Tenderloin District in San Francisco is one of the city’s most diverse, yet grimiest neighborhoods. However, there are still some special jewels to be found deep within the Tenderloin. One of them is located at Cohen Alley – The Tenderloin National Forest.

The Tenderloin National Forest began as an idea by Darryl Smith, the founder of The Luggage Store Gallery, in 1989 and work transforming the alley started in 2005.

Now, the alley way is home to a small garden, beautiful murals and is protected by a gate.

The Tenderloin National Forest is open to visitors if the gate is open (nearly every time I’ve walked by, it’s been closed). However, it is open to the public from Noon to 5pm on the 15th of every month.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently had an article about the alley as well.

More photos from the Tenderloin National Forest can be found in this set of photos I posted on flickr.

photos by Dave Schumaker

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