Canon 5D Mark II 21.1 Megapixel DSLR Camera With 1080 HD Video

Canon 5D Mark II

Last week Canon announced the long awaited replacement for their full-frame 5D DSLR camera, the 5D Mark II. Their new camera features 21.1 megapixels, a DIGIC 4 processor with 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion, LiveView mode, anti-dust technology and increased ISO sensitivity.

The big surprise was the inclusion of a video feature and not just regular video, but 16:9 full 1080 HD video at 30fps with HDMI output. This trumps Nikon’s recently announced D90, which only records 720p HD video.

The 5D Mark II is priced at $2700 and will be available in November. Here’s Canon’s press release for the new camera.

Of course needless to say, this will be the replacement for my trusty 5D which I have been using since it was first introduced back in 2005. One feature I was hoping for was a faster frame rate (the new camera is 3.9 fps vs. 3 fps for the previous model), but overall the 5D Mark II looks like a huge improvement.

DP Review has posted a 5D Mark II sample gallery.

Here’s more on the 5D Mark II from Thomas Hawk, Dave Sifry, James Duncan Davidson and Rob Galbraith

UPDATE: Vincent Laforet made the video “REVERIE” using a pre-production 5D Mark II. Here’s the behind the scenes video. Wow, that’s some really amazing video.

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