bebionic3, A Terminator-Like Bionic Prosthetic Hand

Nigel Ackland, a British man who lost his arm six years ago in an industrial accident, demonstrates the impressive dexterity of the bebionic3 prosthetic hand in this video. The hand is myoelectric—it is controlled by muscle twitches from Ackland’s upper arm. The hand can perform 14 different grips, allowing Ackland to type, crack an egg, drink a beer, and perform other everyday tasks he was not able to do with a less sophisticated prosthesis. The hand is constructed from carbon fiber and aluminum and can hold nearly 100 pounds of weight. Its Terminator-like appearance can be concealed with a life-like silicon “glove” available in 19 skin shades or futuristic jet black. The bebionic3 is made by British manufacturer RSLSteeper.

bebionic3 bionic prosthetic hand by RSLSteeper

bebionic3 bionic prosthetic hand by RSLSteeper

via MetaFilter

photos via RSLSteeper, video via SWNS

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