A Ninja Mug Equipped with an Insulating Mask, Spoon Sword, and Shuriken Coaster

Ninja Mug

The Ninja Mug is a covert coffee cup that comes equipped with a black insulating mask, a deadly spoon sword, and a ceramic shuriken coaster — all the proper tools needed to carry out a stealthy caffeinated attack. The mug is available to purchase online from Firebox.

After a long day of sneaking around feudal Japan, carrying out a series of merciless assassinations, Ninjas love to kick back with a hot drink. Nothing caps off a professional killing spree like a steaming cup of herbal tea. They enjoy a good bit of espionage as much as they like a warm espresso, masters of both infiltration and coffee filtration.

Ninja Mug

images via Firebox

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