A Life-Size Replica of the Iconic Pink Teddy Bear From AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’

Breaking Bad 18in Teddy Bear

ThinkGeek has released a life-size replica of the iconic pink teddy bear from AMC’s popular television series Breaking Bad. The teddy bear, which is available to purchase online, made its most memorable appearance on the second season of the show when it fell out of a downed 737 plane, landed in Walter White‘s swimming pool, and lost its eye.

The pink teddy bear. So innocent and also so aptly representative of that plunge from innocence that Walter White takes. It’s the perfect iconic prop from Breaking Bad. Fans will immediately know what it is. Non-fans will wonder what the heck you did to your poor teddy bear and make a mental note never to give you plush as a gift.

Breaking Bad 18in Teddy Bear

images via ThinkGeek

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