12-Foot-Long Great White Shark Suddenly Attacks a Boat Filled With Tourists

Tour organizer Rainer Schimpf captured footage of a 12-foot-long great white shark attacking a boat full of German tourists off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa. The video, uploaded by Barcroft TV, includes footage of the shark’s sudden appearance and its ripping into the rubber side of the boat.

A GROUP of German tourists got the shock of a lifetime when a hungry great white attacked their RUBBER boat. These images show the 12ft female savaging the side of the vessel, causing part of it to deflate. The attack took place off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa. The tourists had been on a sightseeing expedition to watch seals when the shark turned up. Rainer Schimpf, who organised the tour, believes the shark mistook the boat for a dead whale.

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