Zooomr Mark III Has Launched

Zooomr, the photo sharing service that launched in beta last year, has just released Zooomr Mark III, which includes over 250 new features, including an open API, the Twitter inspired Zipline, unlimited storage, archival and uploading for all users and the ability to sell stock photos, keeping 90% of the sale.

Zooomr, which is is run by Kristopher Tate (founder & CTO) and Thomas Hawk (CEO), had a few setbacks along the way to their Mark III release, including delays with the data migration and hardware issues. At one point photo sharing competitor Flickr even sent them a couple of pizzas to help them through the launch. They keep on working on it day and night, receiving amazing support from their community, and as of yesterday, Mark III is finally out of the door. Congratulations guys!

Kristopher has made a video of the Zooomr Mark III Launch Demo and here’s more on the release from TechCrunch.