Zombie Garden Sculpture by Alan Dickinson


Artist Alan Dickinson has created a super creepy Zombie Garden Sculpture which is available through the statue company Design Toscano.

We challenged noted British artist Alan Dickinson to create his most haunting image exclusively for Toscano—and he certainly delivered! Not for the faint of heart, Dickinson’s life-sized, gray-toned zombie will claw his way out of your garden plot or family room corner, pleading for assistance with the most lifelike eyes you’ve ever seen. His macabre expression is captured in such great detail in quality designer resin and finished so realistically that you’ll swear you can hear him breathing!

UPDATE: Last year Courtney shot a photo of one of the Zombies in San Francisco.

1570 revere ave.

via Boing Boing Gadgets

photo via Design Toscano & Courtney