Zero Charisma, The Story of the Greatest Dungeon Master Ever

Zero Charisma, by Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, is an independent film that tells the story of Scott Weidemeier, the greatest Dungeon Master ever. They are currently raising money for the film via IndieGoGo.

Scott Weidemeier spends his time in exactly three ways: working a menial job at a local donut shop, caring for his abusive grandmother, and running The Greatest Dungeons & Dragons Game of All Time. Though overbearing and short-tempered, Scott is a hero to his fellow players–that is, until neo-nerd hipster Miles Butler joins the game, fueling Scott’s rampant insecurity and alienating him from his own players. Can Scott overcome his contempt for the mainstreaming of nerdery, or will this clash of the subcultures come to a head?