You’re The Star, A Set of Vinyl Figures Featuring Fans, Press, and Paparazzi

You're The Star Vinyl Figure Set

You’re The Star is a set of five fans, press, and paparazzi vinyl figures from Archie McPhee. The figures range between 2″ and 3″ tall, and they come in a variety of poses to provide a realistic experience of being photographed by very tiny people. You’re The Star is currently available via Archie McPhee.

Where are your paparazzi and clingy fans? You know you’re awesome, but the world ignores you. It’s time for you to take command of your destiny. This set of five hard vinyl You’re The Star figures is the adoring public you so richly deserve. Set them up anywhere you need an ego boost!

You're The Star Vinyl Figure Set

You're The Man Vinyl Figure Set

images via Archie McPhee

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips