Young Foxes Pile On Top Of Each Other While Scavenging for Food Under Giant Storage Containers

Foxes Scavenge for Food

In 2016, Dean Anderson captured footage of a troop of young, somewhat friendly foxes who had made their home underneath the industrial sized storage containers in a lot where Anderson worked. The kits were scavenging for food and seemed to have found something of interested that had them piling on top of each other.

These guys lived under our storage containers where I used to work. Being the seventh or eighth generation to have grown up around humans, they were quite comfortable with us otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get so close.

More recently, in December 2017, Anderson captured more footage of foxes, perhaps with new additions to the family?

Anderson also captured footage of a full grown fox who tried to casually jump into a bin, but stumbled instead and casually walked away.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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