Ritual Coffee Roasters

Last Saturday in the middle of the chaotic vortex of our Laughing Squid: Decade 2 party I ran into David Smith, technology correspondent for the UK newspaper The Observer (The Guardian’s Sunday paper). He was in town, pen and notepad in hand, writing a big story on the current internet explosion taking place in the Bay Area. His article “www.thenewrevolutionaries”, which just published, starts out at one of our favorite cafes Ritual Coffee Roasters, then works it’s way through many of the people and companies of the new Silicon Valley. Our anniversary party even gets a quick reference.

The geek crowd runs with the San Francisco arts set in places such as Ritual Coffee Roasters and, on a recent Saturday night, in an urban warehouse turned nightclub under the aegis of a company called Laughing Squid. Partygoers hurtle past the entrance in vintage cars and gawp at a street artist conjuring fire in a sandpit. They are here to drink, enjoy ‘cool stuff’ like a live cabaret and, of course, talk tech.

photo credit: Scott Beale